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What We Do

WH Electronics directly involves itself in the design and development of automotive electronics. Our most common responsibilities involve performing the following: Headlamp Tail-Lamp LED Controllers

Our Products & Services


Automotive Industry Electronics Specialist

WH Electronics is a full service provider and designer of high-quality electronic controllers and system solutions to the automotive industry.

If there is a new design project you need assistance with, please contact WH Electronics to see how our experience can help you.

Manufacturer and Supplier

WH Electronics has also developed ready off-the-shelf Telematics Products that can communicate with vehicles and send information to your system solution.

If you have specific requirements WH Electronics can also adjust its solutions to specifically meet your needs.

Contact Information

WH ElectronicsP. (905) 761 8377
260-Edgeley Blvd.

Vaughan. ON. CAN
WH Electronics